A Short Story

My story with photography is one of happenstance. In San Francisco for the weekend, I stumbled into a camera store and decided to purchase a cheap film camera on a whim. Having enjoyed the weekend, I sent away my film with no expectations to the quality of the photos.

Flipping through the 3 by 5 prints ignited a feeling deep within me that I have yet to shake. Excitement, wonder, and a connection with the images I had created moved me in a way I hadn’t yet felt before. I decided early on that this connection to working with images on film was a love I had to pursue.

All of the images on this site were taken with film, and provide a medium in which I am able to document the time, places, feelings, and people that have shaped my life. I hope that you enjoy them, and that they make you feel something, as they do for me,

With Love,